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Going with the Flow

Going with the Flow
Movie: Going with the Flow(April 2010 (USA))[1653007] An uninspiring film about three men on a quest to find their inner.. tubes.
Title Going with the Flow
Release Date April 2010 (USA)
Genres Adventure, Comedy


junkavalanche on 17 June 2010
I can't say for certain what possessed me to download "Going with the Flow", but it might have been the director's polite and heartfelt request on his website. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I did, because I enjoyed watching the wacky adventures of three very forgetful, disorganized guys trying in vain to embark on a relaxing tubing expedition down a river. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone and everything is conspiring against them. Most of the blame falls on their own ineptitude. However, additional delays are caused by the weather, thieves, a short-tempered hippie, and perhaps the randomness of quantum physics itself, among so many other hardships.This movie features a healthy dose of what I would call "absurd humor". This type of humor isn't for everyone. I'd expect some to find it unsatisfying and unpalatable, not unlike a gluten-free cracker. For example, if you positively need an explanation as to why a bicycle would mysteriously zoom off into outer space and explode for no apparent reason, then certain elements of this movie may frustrate or bore you. Also, several goofs and sloppy cuts were left in the movie as part of the humor. I laughed at most of them, but could also see them as disruptive to the flow and confusing. The budget was non-existent. I don't mind the lackluster special effects; that's part of the humor. However, I was occasionally annoyed by audio quality issues. Some of the dialogue during certain scenes was muted and grainy sounding. Nothing too serious, but I found myself adjusting the volume too much.Overall though, I appreciated the laughs "Going with the Flow" provided. Personally, I like the absurd humor combining with other types of humor. Despite its haphazard style, I could tell that a good deal of time, effort, and planning went into it. Plus, some of the tunes were interesting and set the mood well. I give it a "B" grade, 7 out of 10.

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