D.E.B.S. 2004

The star of a team of teenage crime fighters falls for the alluring villainess she must bring to justice.

El señorito y las seductoras 1969

Antonio is a millionaire who spends his time conquering beautiful women aided by his faithful butler, Pablol. He tries to seduce the beautiful Marta, but when he realizes that she prepares a trap to force him to marry, Antonio disappears.

Nefeli 1980

A beautiful woman is going to the island of Lesbos to rest, there she will meet two other beautiful young women and it will be great having sex with everyone.

Escuela de seductoras 1962

Three friends in love, are ignored because of their lack of gift to conquer. After learning of the existence of a school of seduction, are enrolled as students.

Heartbreakers 2001

Max and Page are a brilliant mother/daughter con team who have their grift down to a fine science. Max targets wealthy, willing men and marries them. Page then seduces them, and Max catches her husband in the act. Then it's off to palimony city and the next easy mark.

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